Senior Rails Developer at EnergyLink

Posted 01 Aug 2018


Sydney (Environmental Sustainability)

Ruby devs: your planet needs you

EnergyLink isn't just about saving companies money on their energy bills; it's helping to create sustainable energy usage practices that will benefit everyone. Knowing that our technology helps our customers save thousands of kilowatt-hours every month - and the associated reduction in carbon emissions - gives us a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day that's more than just a job well done.

We're a friendly, committed team, small enough to be nimble, working in a great converted warehouse location five minutes' walk from Central Station in Surry Hills. We believe in making a difference through excellence in engineering, and we invest in our people: every developer is given professional training (with certification opportunities) in key technologies such as AWS. And we're growing! Will you be our next top-quality hire?

In all our hiring, we're looking for people who share our commitment to sustainability. For this role, we're looking for an experienced Ruby developer who has a deep knowledge of the Ruby ecosystem and beyond (we're a polyglot environment, so there's opportunity for exposure to Go, Python and ES6), enjoys innovation and is also pragmatic in the way they approach problem-solving. As it's a senior role, mentoring and guiding junior developers is an important aspect of the work, so empathy and communication skills are essential. And you won't just be cutting code; we encourage everyone in the team to contribute ideas for continuous improvement in our practices, and as a senior dev your input will be crucial to the architecture and design of our future development and the improvement of our existing products.

Commercial experience is the following areas will be well regarded:

  • API development in REST and GraphQL
  • Working with high-volume time series data
  • Practical knowledge of design patterns
  • Federated identity management / SSO
  • Distributed architecture and microservice design
  • AWS (or equivalent)
  • Internationalisation and timezone support

How Does This Job Make The World A Better Place

EnergyLink helps companies reduce their energy consumption by up to 20%.

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